Bondage Shibari Sculpture

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The face we make during orgasm and while experiencing pain are identical. I noticed this with a lover who insists on having her nipples mercilessly pinched. The endorphins released at climax deaden pain but in my experience the blending of pain and pleasure occurs earlier. The promise land is the point orgasm appears eminent. Oh, to live here forever! Endless nirvana with the promise of oncoming orgasm. Now you might have an insight to the motivation of opiate addicts as endorphin derives its name from the similarities. My own experiences were always to induce this time frame and extend it.

In the throes of a particularly intense scene a partner suddenly snapped into reality, looked me straight on in overwhelming astonishment and enlightenment and said, "It's the fear!". I hadn't thought of that. At least 30 different areas of the brain are involved in the process to climax. It is surely complex and open for experimentation to find unlikely additives. For example, five percent of people on some antidepressants experience spontaneous orgasm while yawning.

This piece it is an expression of the blending of pain and pleasure. To the contentment of having no choices. To submitting oneself to any endeavor or situation trusting the end will be pleasurable. We torture ourselves with the past and what could have happened. The truth is we will never know an alternate outcome. All we should do is learn and trust the future.

This is a lifecast of a model in bondage. After a lengthy tying session, I made a mold of her body. A positive of this piece was made and remolded. The final product was cast in urethane resin for light weight and durability.

"Some people have to be tied up to be free."

"A good scene doesn't end in orgasm, it ends in catharsis." (Apostolides, 1999)