Luó Bondage Shibari Sculpture

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Each of us is in some way enslaved to an unchangable necessity, compulsion, or inevitability. While our intellect might direct us to undo this, accepting our fate can be its own reward. In fact only through accepting the inevitable, by accepting our strengths and faults, can a true inner peacefullness and appreciation be gained of the exsquisate beauty in our lives.

Ananke is the greek personification of inevitability, compulsion and necessity. She is the mother of the three fates Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos controling birth, the thread of life, and finally death. Ananke was the only power that could affect what the three fates had planned to write in the book of our lifes.

But what of Ananke I thought. What of her fate? To know all other fates yet not your own, repeatedly bringing what most of us ignore to the forefront of thought.

Luó is the consort to Ananke. Luó litterly means to loose, untie, release, or destroy. She was a reprive and inspiration to Ananke, the only means by which the fact she could not escape her own fate became bearable. Bound and patiently waiting Luó’s simple yet mesmerizing beauty, framed by intricate ropes that are a metaphor for the threads of our lives.

This is a lifecast. A mold was made of a nude woman in bondage and cast in white resin. Faithfully reproduced, every pore, wrinkle, or thread of the rope is clearly visible. This is a striking piece of art that will cause conversation, astonishment, and thought at the peaceful pose she holds. While it’s true we cannot escape the inevitable not fearing it is truly a thing of beauty.